Submissions are currently closed. They will open in January 2023, so check back soon.

Here at CCM, we’ve branded ourselves as more than a literary magazine. We aim to reach beyond traditional definitions of art and writing. So, we’ve reimagined artistic categories as the following:

  • Auditory
    • Music recordings
    • Spoken poetry/writing
    • Film (may also fall under Visual)
  • Spatial
    • Topography and GIS
    • Architectural layouts
    • Interior design
  • Language
    • Poetry, flash fiction, etc.
    • Reporting or feature writing
    • Written sheet music
  • Visual
    • Computer generated images
    • Culinary art
    • Games and programming
    • Textiles, clothing, and fashion design
    • Cosmetology
  • Cultural/Social
    • Essays and research
    • Field notes and creative data
    • Polls

You can combine elements of these categories – several of the examples we provided can fall into multiple categories, and we encourage you not to let these categories limit you. If you are able to create work that exists completely outside of these categories, we will gladly review your submitted work with care and openness.